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How to Set an Agility Course


·         Dog must be at least 12 months of age to participate.  Dogs may jump as low as 1/3 their shoulder height.

·         Handler should be at least 8 years of age to participate

·         Dogs that have a Novice or Starters Level Title in AKC or USDAA may begin at the Intermediate level



·         Run is free from faults;  including off courses, missed down contacts, or knocked bars (refusals and run-outs are not judged or faulted)

·         Dog performs run off leash and wearing only a regular buckle or snap collar or head halter

·         Handler performs the run without using treats, toys, or other training aids in the ring during the taped performance (unless in the Training Division)

·         Handler performs the run without touching the dog or the obstacles  (unless in the Training Division)

·         Handler performs the run using verbal praise, but without any harsh verbal corrections

·         Set-up video clearly shows all obstacles and ring markers, along all four sides of the ring

·         Video of run clearly shows both handler and dog at each obstacle and is taken by a 2nd person, who also acts as a witness for the performance

·         Video has display on with time and date showing (if possible)

·         Dog performs all jumps at a height that is no less than half the dog’s shoulder height and no more than the dog’s shoulder height

·         Dog performs all contacts at a competition height as described by the regulations corresponding to the sanctioning organization that the equipment specifications match (Performance & Preferred heights encouraged)



·         Test run footage that has been edited in any way

·         Agility test run performed in an unapproved agility facility

·         Agility test run does not include ring set-up footage or the ring set up is incorrect

·         Agility video that does not clearly show both the handler and dog at each obstacle

·         Video footage that does not include actual sound track from the test run

·         Handler that uses physical or harsh verbal corrections

·         Handler touches gives dog a treat, or touches dog or obstacle  (unless in the Training Division)

·         Dog is wearing choke, pinch, or shock collar

·         Dog is obviously jumping higher than its shoulder height

·         Handler uses profanity or shows unsportsmanlike conduct

·         Dog bites or growls at the handler or videographer

·         Dog stops working for more than 30 seconds during the performance

·         Dog performs obstacles in an unsafe manner during test run

·         Dog eliminates in the ring during the taped performance



·         $15 for Standard Run; $10 for Jumpers Run

·         Junior Handlers (under 18):  $10 for Standard Run; $5 for Jumpers Run

·           Entry fees cover entry processing, customer service time, video review, rosettes, certificates, prizes, medals, mailing costs, and web listing of all VALOR  title holders

·         At least two new tests are offered each month at each of the 3 levels of competition, in both Standard & Jumpers.  As long as a course is posted on the Course Maps page, or on the Yahoo Group, it can be chosen and run.  There is NO expiration date on submitting a course.

·         If a handler believes she/he has finished a title at one level, the handler may opt to also submit a run at the next level up on the same course.  However, if that previous level run is incorrect for some reason, the more advanced run will be “held” until a qualifying run from the previous level is earned.

·         Dog should participate only at the level they are qualified to run in

·         Test run videos are reviewed as they are received, in no more than 2 weeks from date of submission of both entry and URL.

·         Handlers are encouraged to get their test run videos submitted no later than the 15th of the month for most efficient processing of results

·         Videos will not be reviewed without a pre-paid entry or video set-up footage

·       Only one handler per dog per run - but there is no limit to the number of runs per month a handler may submit - nor is there a time limit to sumbit a run.  VALOR Courses are now available online and any posted course may be run for credit one time at each level per dog.

·         Titles are awarded to the dog, so handlers can vary from run to run.

·         Title Certificates will be sent out within a month of receiving the 3 qualifying scores.

·         Medals will be awarded for Expert and Exceptional titles.  Trophies will be awarded for VALOR-DICTORIAN titles.

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